• If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

  • "At Solutions we seek to help you resolve these problems and take control of your thoughts and feelings".

  • "It is not necessary in lots of cases to spend weeks and weeks discussing and re-living unhappy past events".

  • "All therapies are personalised to create the 'best you' outcome. We focus on delivering desired outcomes as defined by you".

Counselling for Liphook, Bordon & surrounding areas

Solutions Counselling provides a comprehensive range of counselling services and is conveniently located for residents of Liphook and Bordon in Hampshire.

Are you struggling with unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours?  Is this affecting your daily life?  Did you know that help is at hand?  We can help you live your life without these thoughts, feelings or behaviours. Even if all you feel you need is to be able to understand yourself better and need a safe, secure empathetic environment to discuss issues that may be concerning you, you have come to the right place. 

Here at Solutions we can draw on over 20 years experience to help you towards a resolution. Our desire is to enable you to find greater freedom in your life and an understanding of who you are and the best you can be.

Through years of experience I have become aware that with the right approach it is possible to bring healing, freedom and peace of mind to anyone - whatever the problem.

The uniqueness of each and every one of us should always be reflected in the choice of therapy.  That's why here at Solutions I draw on a wide range of therapies to enable me to tailor my approach to your individual needs.

Giving you back control

It is about giving you back control in every area of your life. Whatever therapy we choose as being best for you, whether it is Hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, Brief StrategicEgo State Therapy or Psychotherapeutic Counselling, they are all offered in a relaxed, confidential environment proceeding at a pace which suits you.

It is not necessary in lots of cases to spend weeks and weeks discussing and re-living unhappy past events. While understanding can be beneficial, understanding does not necessarily set you free. As opposed to having your brain run by fear doubts and negative emotions, we help you to think deliberately and run your own mind.

Therapies are personalised

All therapies are personalised to create the ‘best you’ outcome. We focus on delivering desired outcomes as defined by you.  It couldn't be more simple.  Click on 'Contact Us' on the navigation bar at the top of the page and take the first steps towards freedom.

Who am I?

I am the founder counsellor at Solutions Counselling.  I am qualified & certified as a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and National Counselling Society, a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychotherapeutic Counselling, and highly experienced in a range of complementary therapies to help resolve life issues.

I was born locally to Liphook and have lived in the Bordon area for most of my life.  

Having been drawn to hypnosis and psychotherapy purely out of interest and as a source of self understanding I was amazed at what I discovered and how inspired I became.  I love to be continually challenged and my fascination with people and my desire to understand them has led me to continue my education along these lines.

My love for the human condition and my empathy for those in difficulty has led me naturally to pursue this as a qualified therapist. One of my greatest strengths is my tenacious ability to never give up and I hope this is demonstrated in our work here at Solutions.


We would like to warmly welcome Georgia to the team. Given her in-depth experience and warm nature, she is a valuable addition to our team.

"I am delighted to be joining Solutions Counselling, where I feel is a perfect fit for my proactive approach to my work".

Georgia's page will be up and ready shortly.

Nigel at Solutions Counselling

Nigel at Solutions Counselling

Educational support for individuals, families and professionals

In addition to one to one therapies, we offer educational support for individuals, families and professionals such as memory enhancement and help with learning/creative difficulties. Our methods are suitable for any age group and we can customise programmes on easy learning for parents to deliver to their children. 

We can arrange programmes and workshops for schools covering learning difficulties, easy spelling, creative techniques, nerves and anxiety, exam stress, dealing with conflict and confrontation. These can be arranged for either staff or pupils and can be tailored towards individual needs and requirements. Our methods can also be used with those wishing to improve their presentation skills or their effectiveness and confidence in the area of public speaking.

Initial free 20-minute consultation

On initially contacting us we will offer you a 20 minute free consultation because of how important we believe it is for you to feel comfortable and have a rapport with your chosen therapist.

Therapy fees

Thereafter fees for 1:1 therapy vary depending on the type of session chosen but will be between £40 and £60. Most sessions are 1 hour in length.

We offer sessions that are face to face or by telephone. Prices for other customised programmes are available on request.

  • How much happiness can you stand?
  • Honestly facing the facts about yourself is the starting point of rapid self improvement.
  • Once negative habits are programmed in and become part of our psychological make up, we only feel comfortable when we are behaving or reacting in a particular negative way. We become fear driven rather than desire driven.
  • Be realistic. Expect a miracle!
  • Our internal map is not the territory.
  • The best thing about the past is just that: its in the past !

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