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We are always delighted to hear from satisfied clients. Below is a representative sample of some of the many testimonials we have received from individual and corporate clients.


I first came to Nigel about a year and half ago and have just completed my counselling sessions with him. I was part way through teacher training and was utterly miserable with it, very depressed and without hope of success. This alone was brutal and unforgiving, but I was also still reeling from the breakdown of my relationship with my ex-fiancee, with whom I have a child, as well as the fact that I was also still in the process of reforming ties with a family from whom I had been estranged for seventeen years. The demands on me in my professional life and my personal life were too much for me; I was an emotional wreck with too much on my plate and I could not cope. My self esteem was at rock bottom and I felt like I was being crushed by a mountain of my life's failures.

Cut to the present, and yes, of course I passed my teacher training in style. I now regard myself with pride and confidence, and am embarking on a new life with real optimism, justified and hard-earned. Nigel will always say it was me who did all the work, but I know he is being modest. If I was the driver who took my battered old car to his garage, he was the mechanic who turned it into a Rolls Royce. I am indeed a transformed character. Few people truly deserve to be hailed as a 'hero' but in this instance it is wholly appropriate. Nigel is one of mine, and will always be.


Depression, Relationship Breakdown, Stress, Trauma

Nigel has completely changed my life and is continuing to do so. Whatever issue you have, little or large, Nigel won’t just help you cope but he will fix and heal you. He is the most genuine and honest person I’ve met and he will never give up on you. I have suffered a lot in particularly self harm which I was doing extremely often and I am now the longest I’ve ever been without it which I never thought I’d be able to do. This behaviour was completely destroying my life, but I am getting it back because of Nigel.


When I first met Nigel I couldn’t walk into a shop without having a panic attack, I was shy, insecure, alone and depressed. I now go out to busy shopping centres, I work, I socialise, I eat out, I say hello to strangers, I’m learning to drive, I am doing things and achieving things that I never thought I could do. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I remember having little to no hope that I could change and be happy and after being let down by professionals, I was expecting the same from Nigel but he continues to promise and prove to me that he will never leave and even after I am fully well, he will still be part of my life. His determination and effort is out of this world! You don’t just have his support on your dedicated session but whenever you need and want it.


I feel like I can get through anything life throws at me with Nigel’s support. He has been there for me since day 1 with no judgement, picks me up on my bad days, encourages me to be better, is caring honest patient and understanding, proves every negative thought and belief wrong, celebrates all my successes no matter how small, and if that’s not a true hero I don’t know what is!! You just can’t get better than Nigel. Not just my therapist but my best friend and I can’t thank him enough for all he does for me. I can’t wait to see how much more I can change and how much happier I can be.               


Self Harm

Dear Nigel,

I just wanted to let you know... I was invited by The Mayhew Animal Sanctuary to their charity ball, and I went!

I was feeling very anxious before hand but as we discussed I greeted the anxiety like an old friend, I had already decided not to drink so I felt fully in control and could leave if I felt overwhelmed or frightened, which I did at times, however I did have a couple of glasses of fizz and really enjoyed myself.

I couldn't have done any of that without your help, I have come, I can now see that your right, I really have come such a long way.

Really looking forward to our next session.

Best wishes,


Social Anxiety 

I cannot thank you enough for your help with my exam nerves and the assistance with recalling lost information.

I was extremely sceptical that hypnosis would have any benefit, especially as we knew we would only be able to have two sessions. I had never heard of anchoring or anchor points but literally as soon as I sat down and triggered the anchor you set I became instantly calm and very concise, with amazing recall.

The appropriate information just seemed to tumble out of nowhere. It was almost a magical experience. In fact, I've told other people that you are a magician. Very many thanks for all your help and I would certainly recommend you to anyone.


Hypnosis - Exam Stress

I have always found social situations hard but from the first session I felt so relaxed and ready to make a change.

There was no pressure to come back after the first session but I had no doubt I would and I very quickly started to look forward to the sessions.

You are so adaptable that each week we talked and decided what to work on. There were tears, laughter and moments of realisation...all of which were positive.  Within a couple of weeks I and my family and partner were noticing change and I was feeling more confident, happy and relaxed.

I feel so positive for the future and genuinely feel equipped to tacke any hurdles thrown my way.  I wish I could tell everyone and anyone who may be struggling to come to you, you have genuinely changed my life and if anyone is thinking " should I..." I can honestly say yes, please go however anxious/worried or sceptical you may feel.

Although I made many changes, I didn't change, I just found ME again.

Thank you does not seem enough.


Social & Generalised Anxiety 

Dear Nigel,

We found your approach to stress and anxiety to have been extremely helpful to our company; both in the group workshop and the individual follow up.

The presentation was concise and full of good usable information. As a result of this, and identifying and working with members of staff who clearly had more ingrained issues than I imagined, I can honestly say that it has made a very real difference to morale, teamwork and performance (including less days off sick). The atmosphere in the office is more positive and energised and apparently there have been positive benefits in home lives as well.

Please feel free to use this referral wherever it may be appropriate. We look forward to working with you regularly in the future.

Yours sincerely,

N.D. Team Leader

Corporate - Stress, Anxiety & Team Morale

Nigel is the best Counselor I have seen. After years of of anxiety, I can finally say that this is something of the past. Talented knowledgeable man who has the tools you need to live a life free of mental health issues.


Most counselors will tell you that they are not there to fix you. Nigel is. I have absolute faith that if you are struggling with something, this guy will be able to get you to a point where you can conquer your struggles. His attitude is amazing and is not like other counselors I have seen. He has given me the ability to rid myself of the demon that is anxiety and live the life I choose. Nigel will show you that, you actually have a choice in the way you feel and I'm eternally grateful for that.



Just a quick thank you.

I've struggled all my life with anorexia and bulimia. Now, for this first time I have peace of mind and I'm confident about the future. For 2 years I've maintained a healthy weight!!! Its a huge relief to me and to everyone around me.

Life looks good. I think I'm a nicer person to be around and I feel more secure and at peace.

Thanks again for all you've done for me.


Eating Disorders

You have been recommended to us by a friend. Since then, we never looked back as the lives of our two children have been put back "on track". 

Your understanding of a delicate state of mind of each individual is second to none. Not only that you listen but you gently guide each person to understanding themselves better and then provide them with the right tools to tackle situations of concern. 

I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might need some extra help to feel content and happy within themselves again. 

It is great to see our children smiling again. 

Thank you. 

Mr & Mrs M

Child  Counselling - Generalised Anxiety

Flying was fine! AMAZING! I was a bit anxious boarding but 100% OK once I sat down.

Looking forward to the return flight....! Can you believe it?

Why the f.... did I not do something about this years ago.


Flying Phobia - 3 Sessions

You'll be glad to know that I've been absolutely fine while I've been away. I spent the first 3 days waiting for the usual anxiety to kick in but astonishingly it didn't. Truthfully I had no confidence that such a curious process would work and I felt no different when I left after the first session but this is the first time in 10 years I've not suffered from anxiety and panic attacks while I've been away. As you know I tried mindfulness and CBT without success (Actually the mindfulness made me worse). I don't understand how something so simple can be so effective but who cares, it works. I'm looking forward to our remaining sessions.


Anxiety & Panic Attacks
One 'emergency' session of EMDR prior to going away

So I have been seeing Jen for just over a year now.


I was not in a good place and my daughter suggested I needed to see someone, so Jen was that person.


I felt a failure in everything, I had given up hope, believed there was no way out and that I would not be missed if I wasn't here... 


I have a grown up son who is struggling with his demons too and that impacts our family because I couldn't help him, again I felt a failure.


After a year with Jen I KNOW that I have done everything I could possibly do.


My feelings are now about what I have achieved and not focussing on what I can't help with.


I am more confident in my work, my approach is much more positive and I genuinely believe I couldn't have got to this much happier place without her. 


Her spin on perspectives, kind, caring approach and incredible listening skills (boy have I made her listen to some stuff) have all helped me on this recovery.


I cannot recommend Jen highly enough.


She is just amazing.


 I am writing to highly recommend Nigel Newman of Solutions Counselling for his exceptional expertise and invaluable contributions in helping me create a better team within our organization.

During our collaboration, Nigel and his team demonstrated profound knowledge and understanding of industrial dynamics, team dynamics, and employee development. Their guidance and support were instrumental in transforming our team's dynamics and fostering a more positive and productive work environment.

Nigel skillfully assessed our team's strengths and areas for improvement, and developed tailored strategies to address those areas. Through effective communication and thoughtful interventions, they facilitated open dialogue, improved collaboration, and enhanced overall team performance.

Their approach went beyond just providing guidance; they actively engaged with team members, fostering trust and creating a safe space for open and honest communication. By encouraging active participation and promoting individual growth, Nigel helped our team members unlock their full potential and bring out their best selves.

Furthermore, Nigel displayed exceptional professionalism and integrity throughout the process. He consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the success of our team and organization, going above and beyond to ensure that our goals were met.

I am sincerely grateful for the positive impact Solutions Counselling has had on our team. Their expertise, dedication, and ability to foster a cohesive and high-performing team are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Solutions Counselling to any organization seeking to enhance their team dynamics and achieve sustainable growth.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information or have any questions regarding my recommendation.


Ross Brunyee, Glenrands

Industrial Pychology
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