Types of Therapy

All some people need is a safe, secure, non-judgemental, supportive environment where they can be free (sometimes for the first time) to explore their own inner world thoughts and feelings. From such explorations the person sees a way forward and finds the energy and enthusiasm to explore new pathways.

However, at times the above is not enough. We seek at Solutions to personalise and deliver outcomes as defined by you. Whatever desired behavioural change is sought we seek to personalise a therapy process to suit you. All of the options will be discussed fully and may entail more than one type of therapy. However, everything is explained fully and discussed with you in detail prior to its application.


Hypnosis – or hypnotherapy – uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened sense of awareness...

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Neuro-linguistic programming recognises the connection between neurological processes and behavioural patterns...

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If something traumatic has happened to you (whether is be a car accident, abuse or something seemingly less significant like being humiliated) the memory...

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Brief strategic

This is a goal-directed collaborative approach to psychotherapeutic change which focuses...

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Ego State Therapy

Ego State Therapy is a psychodynamic approach to treat various behavioural and cognative problems...

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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

A psychotherapeutic counsellor can offer both traditional counselling and psychotherapeutic counselling.

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