Stress is the result of our primitive flight, fight or freeze mechanism.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is the result of our primitive flight, fight or freeze mechanism. While appropriate for primitive man, in today’s environment, where we have limited means of physically releasing the adrenaline and other hormones that accompany stress, it is not so helpful. Small amounts of stress can be positive and beneficial. Stress plays a huge part in our motivation, our performance and adaptation to our environment, However if unchecked it can lead to physical problems such as an increased risk of ulcers, heart attack and strokes and mental illness such as depression.

All stress is created internally by our individual perceptions and negative emotions relating to our environment and our situation. This normally happens when we do not believe we have the resources to cope with whatever obstacles we are facing. At Solutions we offer a range on techniques in order to expand your coping mechanisms for stress and your understanding of the causes and the physiology involved. Anxiety on the other hand is characterised by feelings of anxiety and fear.

Anxiety and fear are both a reaction to current and future events. If severe not only will it lead to an increased heart rate and shakiness but panic attacks and in severe cases this may become specific as opposed to generalised, leading to a possible phobic reaction. Without treatment anxiety disorders tend to remain. We offer a range of treatments including advice on lifestyle changes, counselling and therapy. 

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